Appe Lanka Drinking Water for Schools

We are working with Appé Lanka to rase money to provide clean drinking water for the Poonakary district in the North of Sri Lanka. This area was severely affected by the civil war in the country, and Appé Lanka (which means ‘Our Lanka) have been working to ensure that the children in the area can get to school by providing bicycles as many of them were simply not able to cover the distance from their home.

The drinking water project came about after it was discovered that the schools were having to bring in brining water in bowsers each day. So the Appé Lanka team, headed by Shaan Corea, set about finding a solution in the form of water purification systems to be fitted in each school. The aim is to bring clean drinking water to over 6,000 school children in the area by providing some 24 schools with the water filtration machines, with six systems having been installed already. The first year’s maintenance is covered within the installation cost, and thereafter the yearly maintenance has been set at Rs8,000/-.

Each system costs roughly between Rs300,000 to Rs600,000 depending on the size of the school and the amount of water required. Overall this works out at less than $10 per child for a years worth of clean drinking water!  We ware working with Appé Lanka to raise the funds to bring clean drinking water to these school kids!

If you’d like to donate towards this project please contact – we’d love to hear from you!

You can read some more about the project here: